Satking Multiswitch 2 inputs and 4 outputs
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Satking Multiswitch 2 inputs and 4 outputs

This will take two inputs from a Dual LNB , and then split both two signals (H and V) to 4 outputs.


You can run up to 4 VAST boxes from just a dual output LNB.

This will not work with a single LNB as you need a H and Vertical signal from two cables.

This can be used for example , you have Foxtel IQ and you want to use a VAST box aswell as your Foxtel at the same time. No need to run another cable, just purchase this switch with 3 extra cables and connect the 2 cables from the wall plate into the multiswitch and then the 3 cables from the outputs to your sat tv boxes :)

Call or come into the store for more technical information and help Austar/Foxtel/VAST Suitable Satking 2 x 4 Multiswitch 2 inputs , 4 outputs

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