RL-HD1603 Digi-MOD Resi-Linx Digital Modulator
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RL-HD1603 Digi-MOD Resi-Linx Digital Modulator

The HD-1603 is a HD single input MPEG-4 (AVC) DVB-T Modulator with HDMI Loop Through & IR return path - first of it's kind in the industry! HD-1600 allows you to distribute any HD source around your home/business installation over coax cable and control with ease.



-Most cost effective HD Modulator on the market
- Single Input High Definition DVB-T Modulator that converts HD video and audio signals to digital COFDM DVB-T Channel
-Ideal for all new Home,Commercial, Hospitality and Digital Signage applications
-MPEG-4 (AVC) Encoding
-Distributes 576i / 720P / 1080i / 1080P picture quality (please ensure TV tuner can handle 1080p)
- Programmable Channel and LCN via Front LCD
- Web Management for easy programming and monitoring
- HDMI Input - with HDMI Loop Through for local connectivity
- IR Return Path - compatible with resi-linx RL-RF380 (Video Hub) and RL-RF210 (IR Target)
- 2K/8K Carriers
- Adjustable VHF / UHF Output (6-69)
- 85dB launch with Adjustable Attenuation
- Compact Design
- Silent operation - NO FAN NOISE!

Width: 235mm
Height: 35mm
Weight: .9kg
Depth: 145mm
Output Connection(s): HDMI, RF
Input Connection(s): HDMI
Loop Through Capability: Yes
IR Capability: Yes
Video Input: HDMI
Power: 12V DC 1.5A Switch Mode
Output Channels: 6-69
Output Connector: F type
Output Level: 85dBuV
Output Level Adjustment: 20 dB typ.
Number of Inputs: 1
Video Resolution: up to 1080p

1.20 kg