Resi-Linx RL-RF380 Combiner and Splitter with 3 inputs and IR In
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Resi-Linx RL-RF380 Combiner and Splitter with 3 inputs and IR In

The RL-RF380's patented design is for whole-house video distribution with IR control. The splitters have reverse path IR control, that when combined with other products in the IR range, will allow you to control the AV inputs from other locations. The RL-RF380 must be remotely powered by an IR Modulator when using the IR Control.


This has an antenna input, and two modulator or RF inputs. There is an RF Modulator IR passthrough for support with the resilinx digital modulator with IR input. There is also input to control another IR device such as Apple TV or stereo amplifier. Active, low loss combiner and splitter with 3 inputs, 8 outputs. Includes gain control for Free To Air input to eliminate problems due to high/low signal strength.

When combined with gain control on modulator, allows complete balancing of signals FM trap On/Off switch to filter 88-108MHz signals from transferrring through to output ports to eliminate FM interference to TV reception Designed for mounting into any Structured Cabling Enclosure

Length: 135mm Width: 69mm
Weight: 405g Depth: 22mm
Output Connection(s): 8 Input Connection(s): 3 (Modulator / ANT)
Power Input: 110-240V AC
Power Output: 12V DC - 1.5A
Switch Mode Power Output Connection: 1.8m Length with F-2.1mm Jack
Power Requirement: 12V DC
Power Supply Output Frequency Pass: 30KHz to 850MHz
Gain / Loss: ANT +2dB / Modulator +3dB
Output Run Distance: 60 metres
Isolation (Modulator inputs to ANT): -80dB

2 kg