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Satking Orbit V2 Automatic Satellite Dish TV System with VAST Twin Tuner
The SatKing Orbit is the latest fully automatic Satellite Dish TV to hit the Australian market. No need to manually manipulate dishes on the ground to watch TV anymore. Simply combine this system with a VAST or Foxtel Satellite receiver and you will be watching TV anywhere in Australia within 80 seconds. The SatKing vast box DVBS2-980CA is Australias first VAST & Freeview Plus certified satellite receiver, making this the most advanced VAST receiver on the market. Fully designed in Australia, this top of the range receiver brings a new level of features to the VAST platform with Freeview Plus catch up TV and enhanced EPG built in. No longer will you miss your favourite programs, you can now simply go back in the Freeview Plus program guide and catch up available programs.
Satking Promax Automatic Satellite Dish System ''Limited stock" Now available!
$3,271.18 -$149.30
The SatKing Pro Max automatic motorised satellite dish TV system is the latest system to hit the market. The new design is the most advanced system on the market, utilizing the latest in flat panel antenna design. This motorised satellite system suits Foxtel and VAST satellite TV as well as other channel. The unit has dual LNB outputs to suit twin tuner STB