Satking Orbit V2 Automatic Caravan Satellite dish TV System
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Satking Orbit V2 Automatic Caravan Satellite dish TV System

The SatKing Orbit V2 is the latest fully automatic Satellite dish to hit the Australian market. No need to manually manipulate dishes on the ground to watch TV anymore. Simply combine this system with a VAST or Foxtel Satellite receiver and you will be watching TV anywhere in Australia within 80 seconds.

$1,829.09 $1,909.09 - $80.00

We can install your satellite system for more information, please go to the SUPPORT TAB for more information.

Physical Specifications:
Dish Dimensions 86.0 w x 91.0L cm
Physical Dimensions 110.6(L) x 86.0(W) x 18.4(H) cm
15.1 kg Product Weight, 13.8kgs Gift Box
Weight 15.1kgs
Operating Temperature Range -20°C ~ +60°C
LNB Polarization Horizontal/vertical
Dual Output
Wideband Dual Output
LNB Input Frequency 11.75-12.75GHz
LNB Output Frequency 1000 - 2050 MHz
Antenna Adjustment Range Elevation 0°-145°
Azimuth390° Skew -60° ~+60°
Satellite Searching
Time Searching Time 80 Seconds(Average)
Power Input Voltage DC 12
Voltage range 10.5-16V
Consumption 60 Watts in Search Mode - 4W Standby Mode

  • Model:Orbit 5573
17 kg