Winegard Elevated Gear RP-3000

Winegard Elevated Gear Piece RP-3000
Winegard Wingman digital booster

This lightweight attachment (suitable for Winegard antennae only) attaches to the Sensar head & increases the digital UHF reception by up to 100%.
12V Winegard Socket Wall plate

This unit is supplied with a switch (a smart current limiting device which is automatic), the wall plate will shut down if the power is over +12 Volt or if there is direct short between the power supply and the winegard antenna.
Satking SK-300 Omni-directional TV Antenna

Satking SK-300 Digital TV Antenna - Omni-direction VHF/UHF antenna with Built in amplifier
Winegard FreeVision Sensar HV Antenna (Antenna ONLY)

or 7 Fortnightly instalments
of $43.66 with

The Winegard features two independently amplified antennas to deliver maximum digital VHF/ UHF programming. Made in the USA, this bidirectional antenna receives analogue as well as standard & HD digital signals & has been designed to fit rooves from 2.5cm â 12cm thick.
Winegard FreeVision Sensar HV Antenna (COMPLETE KIT)

or 7 Fortnightly instalments
of $50.21 with

This a complete antenna kit allows you to replace the amplified head on an existing Winegard antenna with the Sensar HV bidirectional head.* It can also be used to replace the heads on Antennatek antennas as the old elevating gear can be used.
AusLog - Australian Made Logarithmic Digital TV Antenna

The Auslog is an Australian Made logarithmic digital TV antenna ideal for use anywhere in Australia. The AusLog is manufactured in Mt Eliza, Melbourne from high quality Australian and imported components. We tested almost every antenna on the market and this antenna had one of the highest power and quality levels. We highly recommend this antenna for most areas.
Triax UHF Quad Phased Array TV Antenna

TRIAX Digi Grid aerials - UHF flat panel TV antenna. With high gain and an excellent front to back ratio this aerial ensures perfect TV reception. The reflector grid is galvanised ensuring long service life. The aerial has a very even gain curve and is suitable for stacking.
Digitek CD14 Digital Ready TV Antenna - Band 3 and 4

Digitek CD14 Digital Ready TV Antenna - Band 3 and 4
Hills Black Arrow TV Antenna - Tru-Band Metro Plus

Tru-Band antennas  comes in a sensational all-black finish for low visual impact, especially on modern homes. Manufactured in Australia.

The Digitek DV310 and Hills DY10 are possibly the strongest tv antennas on the domestic market available for VHF
S Bend Pole with Draw Bar Mount to suit satellite dish