Access Caravan 80cm Azure Shine Satellite Dish 100% Coverage

Azure Shine 80cm has the same gain as the 85cm Azure Shine as the bottom and tops parts of the dish are not used for reflecting signal so have been removed. Suitable for caravan.
Acer Quad LNB 10700

High performance quad (four) output LNB 10700Hz
Satking Orbit V2 Automatic Satellite Dish TV System with VAST Twin Tuner

or 19 Fortnightly instalments
of $105.98 with

The SatKing Orbit is the latest fully automatic Satellite Dish TV to hit the Australian market. No need to manually manipulate dishes on the ground to watch TV anymore. Simply combine this system with a VAST or Foxtel Satellite receiver and you will be watching TV anywhere in Australia within 80 seconds. The SatKing vast box DVBS2-980CA is Australias first VAST & Freeview Plus certified satellite receiver, making this the most advanced VAST receiver on the market. Fully designed in Australia, this top of the range receiver brings a new level of features to the VAST platform with Freeview Plus catch up TV and enhanced EPG built in. No longer will you miss your favourite programs, you can now simply go back in the Freeview Plus program guide and catch up available programs.
2.3m Galvanised 75mm Pole to suit Satellite Dish

Heavy duty thick gauge 2.3m Pole

JONSA 65cm. Suitable for use in 100% of Australia for VAST installations. Also suitable for Pay TV and Austar/Foxtel installations in BYO areas. This dish is suitable for house installations.
Sharp Quad LNB 10700

Sharp Quad Output LNB 10700Hz

MTI Green Satking All in One Cable Solution LNB , for use with two receivers
S Bend Pole with Draw Bar Mount to suit satellite dish

"NEW" Travel Vision R7 Portable Fully Automatic Satellite System

or 19 Fortnightly instalments
of $123.42 with

A unique fully automatic portable satellite dish antenna for satellite TV. The New Travel Vision R7 satellite antenna combines the advantages of a fully automatic system with that of a portable system at a very attractive price. The Control module has built in batteries and therefore does not use the power inserter any more. It will find the satellite without connecting to the van / receiver.   The GPS logon is also much faster.
Satking Single LNB 10700

High performance single output LNB 10700Hz
Prime Focus Single 10700 LNB

Zinwell 10700 Prime Focus LNB with slim neck to suit the old 1m and 1.2m satellite dishes, prior to 2002.
Satellite Tin Roof Mount

Satellite Tin Roof Mount