2 in 12 out Deutsche Technologies Multiswitch 2x12

Capable of connecting two SATV signals simultaneously, which is switched through 13/18V
Satking Single LNB 10700

High performance single output LNB 10700Hz

Converts your Ftype connector to a right angle PAL connector
Strong SRT 4950E HD Digital Satellite set top box

Strong SRT 4950E HD Digital Satellite set top box
Satking Promax Automatic Satellite Dish System
$3,090.00 -$50.00

or 26 Fortnightly instalments
of $112.07 with

The SatKing Pro Max automatic motorised satellite dish TV system is the latest system to hit the market. The new design is the most advanced system on the market, utilizing the latest in flat panel antenna design. This motorised satellite system suits Foxtel and VAST satellite TV as well as other channel. The unit has dual LNB outputs to suit twin tuner STB
Generic Remote to suit 4121/4639

Generic Replacement Remote Control for 4121/RV and 4639/RV Vast Sat TV Decoder.
DIY House VAST Satellite TV Dish Kit Antenna System

or 7 Fortnightly instalments
of $67.04 with

DIY House VAST Satellite TV System suitable for anywhere in Australia
TracStar 1200 1.2m Automatic Satellite Internet System

The TracStar Series of vehicle mount and fly-away antenna systems allows personnel with little or no satellite experience to operate mobile Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite communications equipment, enabling the user to access any broadband application over satellite. We can supply with SkyEdge or iDirect Modem.
Access Antennas 80cm Azure Shine Satellite Dish

Azure Shine 80cm Satellite Dish has the same gain as the 85cm Azure Shine as the bottom and top parts of the dish are not used for reflecting signal so have been removed. Suitable for caravan satellite TV.
Deutsche Technologies RV2 Digital Satellite Finder

This is the latest model designed satellite meter exclusively for people on the go such as Caravan, Camping, Boats and more. Comes with all the latest features setup and pre-programmed for the Optus C1 satellite (to suit VAST or Foxtel).
Pipe Flashing Rubber Boot - Dektite

Dektite Rubber Flashing - Australian made - 20 year guarantee to suit 5-45mm
VAST Multi Service 8ch CAM Module with VAST smart card for head

or 7 Fortnightly instalments
of $93.45 with

The VAST 8 channel multi service conditional access module (CAM) can access up to 8 services from multiple transponders depending on hardware (some hardware only allows 8 channels per transponder so please contact us).